Grand Sport Replicas

These Mongoose Motorsports Grand Sport Replicas come in either Coupe or Roadster versions, both of which may be purchased in Basic or Deluxe kit form, ready-to-go as a complete "turn-key" car, or various stages between.

The GS Turnkey Minus Kit...
  • One Color Paint scheme with hammerhead stripe
  • PS Engineered bolt on wheels & Sumitumo tires
  • Roll bar
  • GS styled interior (GS seats, fiberglass headliner & painted trim)
  • Power windows, Vintage air & heat
  • Autometer gauges
  • Flaming River tilt steering column
  • Emergency brake
  • Auto or standard pedal assembly
  • Windshield wipers, headlights, tail lights & turnsignals
  • Carpeted trunk
  • Painless wiring harness
  • Rear oil cooler
  • Powder coated frame
  • C4 suspension (rebuilt)
  • Mongoose coilovers & Bilstein shocks
  • C4 brakes (new calipers, rotors)
  • Dana 36 rear end
  • Side pipe tubes & turnouts
  • Master cylinder bracket & brake booster
  • Fan shroud w/Griffin radiator & aluminum core support
  • Fuel tank & sending unit
  • Clear headlight covers
  • Drivers door & windshield mounted rear view mirrors
The GS Basic Kit...
  • Fiberglass coupe or roadster body (mounted on frame)
  • Two piece doors (inner and outer with power windows & glass installed (coupe only), along with inner door struts) assembled latched and hung
  • Hood, 2 piece not assembled
  • Trunk lid, 2 Piece not assembled
  • Headliner, installed (coupe only)
  • Fiberglass dash, not installed
  • Almunium cross bar for under dash, installed
  • Body mount kit, installed
  • Rocker molding/mount installed
  • Tubular frame, primed (painting or powder coating optional)
  • Set up for big block or small block engines, your choice
  • Radiator shroud, not installed
  • Aluminum core support not installed

The GS Deluxe Kit...
  • Fiberglass coupe or roadster body (mounted on frame)
  • Coilover set with Bilstein shocks
  • Frame, engineered by Altair Engineering, in primer with stainless steel brake lines
  • Doors hinged and latched with door glass & power windows, installed
  • Inner & outer door handles, installed
  • Choice of either vented or louvered hood hinged with prop rod
  • Front and side grills, installed
  • Cowl vents, installed
  • Deck lid hinged
  • Rear window (lexan) with gasket provided, not installed
  • Windshield gasket is provided for front and rear
  • Aluminum radiator core support with fiberglass fan shroud mounted (no radiator)
  • Master cylinder bracket and door, installed
  • Aluminum fuel tank and sending unit, installed
  • Gas tank door assembley, installed
  • Fuel hose cover, provided
  • Headlights bezels and covers made of Lexan, installed and headlights installed
  • Sockets and lenses for tail lights and parking lights, installed
  • Shifter bezel, provided
  • Fiberglass dashboard with gauge cluster and glove box, provided
  • Fiberglass interior trim
  • Fiberglass seat shells minus seat tracks, provided
  • Pedal assembly bracket, installed (uses 90-96 Corvette pedals, not installed or included)
  • Rocker moldings and sill plates, installed
  • Fiberglass trunk liner, installed
  • Fiberglass headliner, installed
  • Rear end cooler cover, provided
For more information on these Grand Sport replica kits, contact Mongoose Motorsports

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